Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We called into see the Team at Worralls on the way out of town this morning and picked up some gear for my new bikes I am Building up….(what kind of bike???? ! look out for more posts coming very soon!!) I got some sweeeeet SRAM gear including orange and green anodized X.O derailleur’s and shifters which look sooooo TRICK and weigh nothing! Also new 661 Kyle straight Kneepads,and also some super low profile ….. elbow pads since I cant wear bulky elbow pads and Also a new GIRO Section helmet which has the shell integrated into the poly and is ridiculously light weight and looks Primo!
It was cool to see the worrals HQ and see where it all happens , Thanks to Allister , Mavis and the Team at Worrals .

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