Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just got back from another mint road trip, we (Ramon and I ) went to the Frew farm and also the stoney hills dirtjump jam in Dunedin . Both spots were the Shizzle , 1st we went to the Frew farm to check out the new line, have a swing on the shovel and kick it with my mates Dan and Brett Frew and also my hometown homey Karl Bensemann . The boys have been busy and there is some awsome new stuff to ride there , keep your eyes peeled for farm jam coverage will be a BANGER. We had a quick sesh on the new hip line and headed for Stony hills.

We turned up and the trails looked amazing, the Henry/James and crew had been diggin hard and the weather was the best I had ever seen it in Dunedin! we sessioned till dark on friday night and woke on sat morn to another sunny windless day.

I went for a quick surf at st Clair beach then went to the trails and started riding ,the trails were running sweeet and they had a judged jam which was a 45 session and the two extra 2o min sessions to bring out the bangers.

Every one was having a great time a few high lights from the top of my head were the up and coming shredders Phil M , Conner and Elmo gettin it DONE with great riding/tricks all over the trails, Conners 360 transfer was off the CHIZ , Brett Frew was spilling STEEZ every where as usuall , Karl Bensemann was up in the trees BOOSTIN , Team ENGLAND Foz,Tom, Seb and Duncan were makin the most of every line and left no jump untouched and finally I was pumped to some how win the judged jam ...Yahooo!

Thanks to every one involved for a super sick weekend of "Roastin Trails"



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