Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We had enough of the northisland and headed for the "real" New Zealand , The SOUTH island of course! We called into My home town of Nelson and jammed my entire room into my van which was Chaos ! I followed Ramon down to Chch Via the samll town of reefton which has one of the sickest skate parks in New zealand . We had a cool ride there and it helped me get used to my New Corsair Ducat frame.

after that we headed to the big smoke of CHCH , The trip wasn't with out some dramas , just as we got into CHCH the fan belt on my van snapped and started over heating we had to tow it to where we were staying thru peak boyracer traffic which was entertaining , ramon stopped to find his torch in the back of his van and moved the Kayak and it smashed thru his back window! the night was not runnung to smoothly , we also got snapped by a redlight camera which was great! We made it back to petes joint at about 2am and caught some sleep so we could ride the jam in the morning.
1st stop for the Jam was Petes new Trail he built called Pop and fresh ,it was a super fun freeride/jump trail on the port hills and we all sessioned it in sections and threw down a few STUNTS here and there. It is good to see people gettin out there and building trails
Next it was off to the Main venue , BowenVale dirt jumps at the bottom of the port hills.
The jumps were in super good nick and we had a good throw down session , I was impressed with a few of the grommys who are defintly steping up. good shit boys.
We had a knock out style trick comp on the step up which I some how ended up taking out ,if ramon had landed his 3whip in the final it would have been different!
we had a bit of a party after the whole thing was done which turned out to be pretty funny!
Cheers to Aint a big deal MTB show , Pete,Toby, Mike ,Andrew and Phil and the rest of the bvale crew for hookin it all up .

Sunday it was a chilled ride on the Flyin nun track...a coll mellow flowwy track on the port hills.
CHCH riding scene is definitly taking off.
Cheers !

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