Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RAMAPGE bike park

Rampage park is a new Indoor BIKE park that has started Auckland , It is really cool to see some one start up something cool like this so Ramon and I were keen as to go and check it out! We turned up to the north shore warehouse to find a fully sick set up all made of brand-new ply with a 6 foot spine mini set up ,2 small box jumps ,2 bigger steep box jumps in rhythm ,a vert wall and a Hella sick foam pit . I couldn’t get my pads on fast enough to ride ! every thing was made really nicely and it felt good to flow thru the box jump rhythm and boost the Vert wall at the end . I also had a mega huck session in the foam pit and possibly lost 50 litres of sweat ! eeeewwww. Again it is set up really well with nice foam and 2 goood kickers.
We stayed there the entire day and had a blast YOU should check it out ! http://rampagebikepark.com/

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