Sunday, April 4, 2010

A week in Switzerland

Hangin with the tourists at the Top of Europe

Just spent the last week in Switzerland getting sorted for the next few months, bought a super sexy Fiat Fiorino, it's amazing. Hopefully it will get us around the place.

Did some DH tracks in Thun with Ramon and the crew. Wicked day for it. Some fun riding around here.
Next stop was 'The top of Europe' with a million other tourists.. it was super wicked up there with views all round the alps and stunning scenery. The train you take to get there is the highest in Europe, it goes up to 3500 metres

Top of Europe

On the way down we stopped in the Alpine Village of Wengen where our friend Naomi, who is a local showed us around and we watched the annual Poolrace event where competitors race down a slope on skiis or snowboards with the aim of making it all the way across the pool of ice cold water, some are pretty good at it, others not so much and there were some sick crashes and splashes which was entertaining!

Poolrace in Wengen

Other than that have been enjoying Swiss food - delicious cheese, bread and meats, even got treated to a home made Fondue dinner the day it snowed!

The next mission is to Vienna Air King which is a dirt jump contest in downtown Vienna.
Going to check out Czech Republic on the way and do some sightseeing.

Cheers, Kelly McGarry

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