Sunday, April 25, 2010

Switzerland to Croatia

nat park Croatia

inside the VAN!!!

Sup Brah's
Me and Sha cruised off from Switz on tuesday and headed for Croatia , we drove thru Italy and called in to the Garda lake (where we are heading next week for DJ comp) to see whats up. it was pretty sweet , the lake was hella flat and I went for a swim and it was F##kin cold .
We pinned it to Croatia , Thru Slovinia , Oh yeah And we copped ANOTHER fine (in Italy)for having a bike rack on our car ( without a reflective triangle) which just GOT ME STOKED!!! Police men are such lovley chaps.
We got into Croatia and every thing seemed super chill which I was happy about , not to many jerks on the road , plenty of parking spots and nice and CHEAP for a dirtbag MTBer like ME.
We went to some canyon to look for some big mountain lines , it looked sick in the photo but when we got there climbing equipment may have been more appropriate rather than a bike! I found some scree slides to ride , which was sick .
We also went to a couple of National parks , there are some kick ass places to check out here.
I am in the town of Split right now which is a cool coastal town , We are here for a couple more days then we head back to Italy for the Italy KOD comp in Riva del garda next weekend which should be cool banannas
look out for more shizzle commin soon

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