Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vienna Air King

Turned up to Vienna and stayed at Niki's place, the next day he took us to his personal "Dirt Garden" dirt jump park it had cool lines in both directions and a sattelite dish.
The next day we went and checked out the Vienna Air King course, I checked into my hotel and my room mate was Aggi which was cool. The course was sick, right in the middle of Vienna with a sweet first drop and 3 comp style dirt jumps finishing with a quarter.

I was getting blown around in the wind a little bit but the jumps were fun as hell.

On the day of the comp the weather was a bit shady but we got on with the comp anyway. The Euro riders were on fire, some sick riding was goin down. I got a safety run in the bag which landed me in 16th place so I had to step it up on my last run because only 15 guys went through to the final. I had 360'd the first drop in practise a couple of times so I decided to go for it in my final run, I landed the drop smooth but just tagged my back wheel when I flipped the first jump and didn't have enough speed to get through the set.

I was bummed but thats just the way it goes. The rest of the comp was sick and holy some crazy stuff went down, I was really impressed with Martin Soderstrom's double whip down the drop.

It was a great comp, thanks to everyone involved!

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