Monday, April 19, 2010

Rocket Air Slopestyle, Switzerland

The Rocket Air slopestyle went down in the town of Thun in Switzerland on the weekend . I showed up a few days early to help my mate Ramon out with a bit of course building.

The course was set up in an ice hockey stadium which actully worked out to be pretty cool as the whole crowd could see every part of the course and could sit down drink beer.

I was pretty stoked on the course , it had a pretty decent roll in drop into a big dirt jump then a step up step down into a box jump then final dirt jump then a quarter.

flip off the start drop

The comp kicked off on Sat afternoon , All the Euro shredders and some USA riders showed up so it was pretty gnarly , i had a couple of not bad qual runs and made it thru to the finals . stoked.

The finals were loaded with shredders, I had to man up and flip down the first drop which had a tiny little kicker and was hella scary, but got it done in practice just before my finals run. I had a couple of good runs , I got pretty loose an a barrelroll and only just managed to footjam the quarter... but other wise I was pretty stoked. I ended up 12th .

Just another day at the office!.. ha ha ha!

The battle for the top 3 was pretty intense with it all coming down to the last run , Martin Soderstrom took 1st in the end with a smooth run and a 3 double whip. SICK. and kabanni and pilgrim in 2nd and 3rd.

Over all it was a sick comp the staduim was stacked with people , it was an awsome atmosphere, like watching a game of ice Hockey but 1000000 times Better!!!!

Course building team on lunch break

Sundbaum came over to ride the comp and hang out

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