Sunday, May 1, 2011

Upside down and UNDERGROUND JAM!

I have just been at The Upside doawn and underGround jam here in Bend , Oregon.
The comp is held at jamie Goldmans house

The weather turned out amazing today and the jumps were Hella fun , there was a good size crew that turned up to ride from USA and Canada and every one just rode most of the day and then we had a comp in the late arfo ..

The whole thing was super chill and a great no pressure vibe , I was stoked on it. mitch chuuubbzz ended up takin the win with some pretty wild riding !

It was a super good way to kick off the comp season
now im off to Utah in the morning(11 hour drive!! EEEEWWW!) and then onto
Colorado for the Ranchstyle comp ...yeeeehaaa!

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