Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ranchstyle 2011- 3rd place.

I just got in from Ranchstyle 2011 in Grand Junction Colorado and what a siiiick weekend it was!
Ranch style is a slopestyle and dual slalom event held on a ranch just outside of Grand Junction , the set up out there is amazing! There are trails that wind all around the homestead there is a LEGIT dual slalom course the ducks in and out of trees with some biiig options jump wise that save you a lot of time.
But the main attraction for me was the slopestyle course … as soon as I showed up it was the first thing I checked out and I was really Impressed! Wooden structures all over the show fruit bowls ,drops ,lips and plenty of options when it comes to line selection . The thing that stoked me the most was some DECENT size jumps in the course some 35/40 ft dirt doubles . I love it when there are some big jumps in the course as it sets the men apart from the BOYS!
We practised all of Friday and I got the course all dialled in for Saturdays event .
The sun rose on Saturday morning and Porter and myself were up early for a photo shoot with our mate Justin Olsen on some cool Colorado trails then We headed to the course to get ready for the event … The crowd started rolling in and Bender was on the mic with a few beers under his belt pumping everyone up for the event…so Funny!
We kicked it off with a 45min Qualifying jam which cut the field in half , I gave it heaps and fired out some tricks on the big jumps and made the cut and advanced to the final which was a best of two runs format .
People were going pretty nuts and firing out some big tricks T MAC with a whip over the 40fter and a Double whip on a jump that was SO steep for how fast you were hitting it! Greg watts was ruling the course with his massive bag of tricks while Bender and Mike Metzger screamed on the mic!hahahha
me and Mitch Ropolato hustlin for the win!!
Haulin ass on my Dream liner...SUCH A RAD BIKE!!!

My first run was money , I cracked a big ol flip table on the 35ft hip which stoked the hell out of me ! when everything was done and dusted I wound up in 3rd place !
We all headed home to drink beers and watch the supercross finals which were running in Vegas that night .
Next day was dual Slalom , I signed up and made it thru the first round but drew SLC shredder Mitch ropolato in the 2nd round …I gave him a dam good go ! just getting edged out by .6 of a second ..It was so fun and I will be hittin some more events this season for sure!
All up was a super radical weekend ,thanks to all involved!

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