Monday, May 16, 2011

Port Angeles DH race

So I had no plans for the weekend and my team mate and local ripper Kyle Thomas asked me if I wanted to go race with him ...I heard Port Angeles was a nice place and its been a while since I raced so I tagged along on the trip.
kyle insisted that I raced PRO class which was kinda nerve racking as I dont train for racing and I know all of those guys do!!
The track was pretty dam sweet as hell and nice corners and a few jumps all on tacky northwest dirt .
We practised all day sat and and raced on sunday , I qualified 14th in Pro but had a ave race run and ended up 18th ... whatever ..It was fun to hang out with the super friendly North west race crew and cut some MAD LAPS!
It was also coool to see some KIWI mates at the race ...Dodzy and Gabby were there and also Dan Sims and Matty P which stoked me out. KIWIS!!!
our "factory " set up ! BOOM!

Big shot northwest NO#1 champion and Diamondback team mate Kyle Thomas ended up 4th

me and my DH RIG

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