Sunday, January 22, 2012


In the Whirley bird !

 "Get to the Chopper" (Arnorld Schwarzenegger voice)  
I was Lucky enough to get invited to come on a HELI BIKE adventure with the Diaries Down Under crew .

The Team at  Vertigo Bike shop showed us to the top of a Big ass mountain behind the Remarkables and Myself ,Josh Clarke,Nathan Rennie , Ginger SI and Timmy Peirce proceeded to shred the hell out of it and film a few clips for the up coming Episode ....So keep your eyes peeled for that shizzle !

Thanks to Everyone involved , Such a sick day !!!

Timmy P disembarking the vessel

Mid Trail Chillin
The weather was $MONEY SHOT$!! Josho and Timmy
AMPIN to ride!

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Carlos said...

That is a fun run. Hope all is well . Carlos