Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy N.Y!

crusin to the FUSH AND CHUP shop in Dan Frews epic car!
I just went on a cool 5 day trip to the deep south of NZ for a Camp/surf/NY party /Paua diving extravaganza!
It was hella good , My mates Dan Frew & Stef brought a holiday batch down there so A bunch of us QT peeps headed down to evade the Massive newyears BOGAN influx in Queenstown !
What a rad few days of surf  and chillin it was!
Check out the pics .

Thanks to everyone for makin it happen!

kickin off the NY beers!

Dans car, Steezzzin!

the crew hunting for dead whales at monkey island

paua diving in Gnarly conditions!  it was a washing machine
down there!

encountering curious local wildlife on the way to the waves!

takin off on a sweet wave at Porridge jan 3rd.

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