Friday, February 18, 2011

Back on the horse.

well its been 3weeks since I  came into contact with planet earth at a great rate of knots and broke my collar bone .
I have been doing a fair bit of rehab stuff trying to get it working but at the end of the day a bone still takes 6 weeks to fully heal to the same strength it was.
 I have migrated to queens town now and I'm loving it down ere!!  the new skyline gondola setup is off the CHIZ .
the boys on a mission.
my collarbone is starting to feel a bit stronger and I have been out for a couple of chilled rides .
Fingers xed I will be able to have a roll at farm jam in a week!


PeterO said...

Get well soon McGazza... Pushing the healing vibes your way bro.. See you back in Whisstlah..

dmurph said...

Sweet drop-in spot. I hit that a coupla years ago. Qtown is where it's at