Friday, January 28, 2011

crash and burn

 Life has been all good here in Nelson New Zealand for the last month Plenty of riding ,sunshine and barbies !
Im writing this email from my new hang out spot -THE COUCH , yep I broke my collar bone a couple of days ago so I am out for a few weeks.
Basically it went like this:
I built this kicker on my mates moto track , I turned a step up for motos into about a 50ft step down for me on my DH bike. My mate Piet was up filming my section for his next vid and also a french photographer came up so I figured it was time to give the jump I built a whirl , the first time i hit it I just pedaled in as fast as I possibly could , sent it and just tagged my back wheel ,which was fine and I rode away. knowing that I couldnt get any more speed what so ever pedaling , I came back the next day FIRED up and got my mate to tow me in on his moto. Not wanting to come up short I held on for quite a bit and ended up over shooting by about 10 feet , slid out and landed on my shoulder  and that was that!
I was pretty bummed ,but I guess its all part of the game...some times it just  turns bit pear shaped aye!
Luckily My collar bone isnt broken all the way thru ,just cracked half way ,so i hope to be back on the bike  in 3or 4 weeks before my next big event the UNIT FARM JAM 2011!

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