Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crankworx Whistler Slopestyle final. TOP 5!!

                                                             Go big or go home!

Hey Bros ,
Yesterday was the Crankworx Whistler Slopestyle final,  it is the biggest and baddest event on the slopestyle calendar so I was stoked to get a spot in the final. The course was pretty GNARSTY! Big jumps ,big drops and the unforgiving rocky hard whistler dirt.
                                                  looking down the barrel

I headed up for practice at 1pm ready for a 5.30pm start , at 4.30 the crowd really started rolling in , I was blown away wih the amount of people who showed up to watch !  seeing the crowd and also thinking that the event was live on the web had me feeling a bit nervous and pumped at the same time!
flip tuck on the big line
5.30 came around and it was time to send it! My first run was money. I landed all my tricks clean and smooth, I took an alternative line on the kona feature with a wallride to table out thing and came out with an 83.00 score and had me sitting in 4th after everyone did their 1st runs. there was so much Carnage in the comp! i wrecked my second run along with alot of other people! after run number two I was in 5th and thru to the "super final" I was so pumped! I was considering getting rowdy off the 30ft X25ft drop mid course but decided against it as the consequences were so high and I didn't feel confident enough about spinning it. my 1st run score carried me thru to 5th place over all which I am really pumped on! I picked up a well needed cheque and headed out to celebrate! Thanks to everone for the comments and messages , my FB page caught on fire!haha cheers guys! and thanks to all my great sponsors for making it possible for me to ride my bike around the  world.  
      Cheers. Kelly

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