Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm currently on a gravity photo/film trip in Alaska , this is the first time I have been to Alaska  and I am pretty dam stoked to be here !I am here with Eric Porter and Chris Van Dine also world class photographer Harookz and emmy award winning filmer (haha) Don Hampton.
The landscape here is amazing ,massive mountains surround us and just driving to restaurant ,my eyes are caught by shreddable lines just off the side of the highway .
We spent the first couple of days scoping and building , then it was go time ,the light was firing and we bagged some super cool stuff. Its been big bike stuff all the way so far , everything is rough steep and loooooooooooooooose , its a hell of alot of fun to ride .
I'm so destroyed right now after a 5 days of  clambering up mountains with my bike , tomorrow its more of the same so I better get some sleep!
Keep  up to date on our trip at and also the gravity facebook!/pages/Gravity-Components/306818878063?ref=ts
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