Monday, July 19, 2010

claymore challenge 2010

check 1:04 for my 360 drop
Up Doggs ?
well Claymore finals went down on the weekend , the weather was sweet as , the course was sweet as , my bike was sweet as . Everything was sweet as.
it was great to have another kiwi (paul Langlands) there to shred with , and break down the largely north american feild.
we showed up pretty early on sat morn as we had to get Pauls forks changed as he AXED them in a massive crash in traing the night before ...( top of the walll ride to nose case the deck of the quarter, gnaaarly!!!)
I had a couple things to get done in training and ended up having a big off corkflipping from quarter to bank which landed me in the 1st aid room . a few bandages later I was back on the course ready to take my run , I laid down a saftey run 1st up with a couple of mistakes , but was good to have a full run in the bag   , Paul had a couple mistakes in his 1st run also  and we scored about the same I think ,

For my 2nd run I wanted to send it , I was going well I rode the top of the course clean and smooth  I 3ed the drop mid course , when I barrel fipped out of the quarter to bank my tyre blew out , I was hella pissed about that , and my run was done .
Pauls 2nd run was all good  he stomped everything including a maaaasive supz seat grab mid course . hell yeah
paul ended 15th and me 18th  ...KIWIS !
I am sitting 13th now in the FMB standings so will be trying to do well in colorado next weekend  to stay close to the top ten for crankworx.
chur chur

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