Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chatel Mountain Style

Hey Brahs
Last weekend it was time for Chatel mountan style in France , CMS is a Big mountain  event on "The Face" at Chatel bike park.

Sunset in Chatel

I showed up on the thursday and checked out the course. Holy Sh*t , it was pretty Gnar , the first drop was about 11 metres High , straight into a pretty massive step up jump , the rest of the course flowed down the hill with more jumps drops and Chutes and off course ROCKS.haha
I was actully pretty stoked on the couse as every one was shittin their pants about some of the stuff , its good when there is only a few guys who are brave enough to ride some course features.
The weather in Chatel is crazey ,Every day without fail at 2pm it POURS rain. some thing to do with the big lake I think , so conditions were allways pretty slick on the course.

i was riding my Corsair Crown DH bike 
but I ended up switching it for   my  Corsair Konig  130mm slopestyle rig , i swapped a few parts over and got up the hill for my

maiden voyage on the bike down the course which was also my Qual run! , The konig was  pretty sweet on the course, very manouverable, so I was stoked , 2pm the rain came and we all went home and hoped for a nice sunday.
Start drop
I woke up sunday and it was mint weather , we headed up . the course was still pretty slick but we rolled in for finals runs.
I dropped in and flipped the monster step up and couldnt have landed any smoother! I was hella stoked and my run was going really well , then I slid out on a wet off camber drop landing , and crashed pretty bad, I was pissed cause it was so small and stupid , my run was pretty much done . A crash knocks your fluidity points alot.
 We had a second run to get it dialed but when I got to the top ,2pm rolled around and so did the pouring rain... and they called the comp off .
 Thats comp riding for ya, One mistake and its all over!  Next year I'll be back!

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