Friday, May 8, 2009

Venezia, Pisa, Cinque Terre - seeing the sights in Italy

Immediately after hopping out of the train station we were immersed in the maze of streets, passages, bridges and canals that are Venice. No way to ride a bike here so we just checked out all the sights and then caught up with Kelly’s Turner buddy Francesco and Carlo who we had met at the King of Dirt Comp in Italy. They took us on a 50c gondola ride (couldn’t justify the fancy schmancy $180 NZD trip) and a cool bar where only locals go. We then went to Francesco's pad which was unreal, had a wine on the rooftop overlooking Venice and enjoyed a delicious Italian pasta meal cooked by Carlo and talked bikes most of the night. Good times!

After this we missioned around Italy some more before making our way to Switzerland for the next comp- Bike Days. We hung out with a ton of other tourists and checked out the leaning tower of Pisa the cruised around the beautiful Mediterranean coastline at Cinque Terre national park. We rode our bikes around a cool track to these cute wee fishing villages dotted around coast after the park ranger had packed up for the night (the trail was only for walking, but they don’t patrol it after 7pm! - suckers).

The main square, a typical venice street, drinks on the roof of Francescos house overlooking Venice:

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Hay Kelly I am just trying to get hold of you we met at the firepit pumptrack BBQ can you flick me through a e-mail Cheers Damian