Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Riva Del Garda KingOfDirt

Every year there is a Bike Festival in Riva Del Garda, Italy, which is right on the Garda Lake. They also host a MTB Dirt Jump comp which I entered. They built the jumps purposely for the contest, even though the scheduled comp day was hot and sunny the previous heavy rain forced the contest to be postponed from Thursday to Saturday. Luckily we had meet some awsome locals that let us stay on their couch for a few days!! The jumps weren't the best that I have ridden (sandy and soft) but it was still fun to shred with ze large German contingent.
when the comp ran on saurday quite a few spectators showed up and I found it hilarious to hear the german announcer talking about me...

I rode ok , just kept it real and stuck with the tricks I know as it was the 1st comp of a long trip, I got 8th overall .
Josh Bender was at the festival to do his "air show" ..which consisted of him gettin towed in by a moter bike and huckin a massive gap (suprise??), the show was cancelled because his partner Bobby Root broke his shoulder racing the enduro. Me and Bender discussed HUCKING TO FLAT techniques any ways. the next day I went and shot a few pix with ALE from Marzocchi up in the mountains behind Riva del garda it was sweet and me and Sha rode one othe rockiest down hill tracks I have ever ridden in my life! Whoa!

After the that we loaded all the bikes on the back of our BEAST of a car and headed to check out Venice

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