Tuesday, April 7, 2009

California Uber Alles

Kelly is lovin Cali..
We hung out at Pacific Beach on the weekend with Rick Nolte who is awesome.. and manuals the sea wall down at the beach every day (photo left).

Yesterday was spent cruising around and visiting some of Kelly's sponsors to check out their digs. Thankfully we hired a GPS with our car because otherwise we wouldn't have got very far.

First stop was TURNER bikes where we caught up with Dave and the crew.

Here is Dave and Kelly checkin out frames and sizes for Kelly's new DHR rig at Turner HQ.

We then visited ODI Grips who make all their products on-site as well as lots of other products. We got the mean tour from Colby. Checkin out the grip molds:

We then headed to Huntington Beach to visit Tyler at SDG seats who also hooked Kelly up. When we were there I was checkin out the latest issue of Decline Mag and spotted a pic of Kelly in the Rampage write up which was cool!! Kelly and Tyler at SDG:
We then realised we were stuck at Huntington Beach because our next stop was on the other side of LA which meant if we left then it would take 3x as long due to the traffic on the freeway.. so there was only one option.. go hang out on the beach.. woooh! Kelly hired out a surfboard and hit the waves. We also checked out the famous sheep hills jumps which Kelly used to drool over when he watched all the pros ride it in vids when he was a youngster.

Spot a kelly on the beach.. and Kelly at sheep hills.

Choice times in USA. Sha for Kelly McGarry.

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