Sunday, December 15, 2013

Queenstown antics

Did an interview for TV3 the other day!  It should be on tely between Xmas and NY
Shredding the hill on my Diamondback Scapegoat

Hot Dang! look what just showed up in the post from Wide open Distributors ! New Marzocchi C2R2 380 DH fork , thats going on my new bike im building! yeow!
View from my office yesterday ,out for a trail bike shred!

I did some coaching at the jump park the other day! , check out these grommys! they are all rippers , we evan gave away a brand new BMX to a young fella name ENZO! cheers buddy!

Been shredding the Queenstown bike park with my seasons pass and Diamondback DB8 down hill rig , good times!

Buying a moto was a grreat decision! hella fun , but feeling a little poorer than I was!

My longtime Sponsor Unit clothing sent me some new threadds! thanks mates!

gettin whipped up !

The Vanis kitted out with Skybox and double hold up rack courtesy of Yakima racks 


look ma! no hands!

bar dragger!

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