Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mcgazza PAAARTY!

Haha gotta show you guys a few pics from my 30th Birthday party.....So I decided I should throw a party ,I did the whole FB invite thing and told everyone it was "P "theme party ...Dress up as something starting with "P"... So there I was sitting there dreseds as a Punk and My GF as Pamela Anderson ...waiting for a bunch of Pirates,Princesses ,Police men and Party animals to roll in the door....WRONG!!!!
Every one  overrode my "p" Party theme and came to the Party dressed as...KELLY MCGARRY! hahaha
It was so Funny , I was blowin away was crazey trying to talk to someone dressed up as me!
hahha I had the funnest night! Big thanks to all my MATES!
You funny B*stards!


1 comment:

Mark said...

haha the whole McGazza clan turned up even ol Giraffehead! looks like goodtimes going on!