Tuesday, September 28, 2010


 Oh yeah i'm out out the Red Bull Rampage in the Utah Desert, I went to the site for the first time today, SHes GNAR! way bigger stuff than last year.. I spent the morning digging my line before I started to MELT after lunch with 38 degree tempretures. we went home for some lunch and then went and shralped on the old rampage site till dark . Bloody sweeeeet day!
I will be doing more building over the next few days and testing out some of the BURLY features the Rampage team have constructed . Its gonna be a sick comp.

VOD Pinkbike

Yuss . I scored VOD on pinkbike today! check it out...
23000 views and counting!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Interbike Las Vegas

I have just spent the last two days at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas , it was all good , I checked out a whole lot of new bike industry GIZMOS and walked around alot and also talked alot! it was pretty fun.
My bike sponsor Corsair bikes http://www.corsairbikes.com/ were nice enough to kit me out a siiiiiick new bike to ride at the Red Bull Rampage , (see pics) I spent most of my first day at the show drooling on it ,super excited to ride.
The next day when i got to the show , i turned up to the Corsair booth to check out my new whip and it wasnt there. I figured they must have been showwing it to some one , but later in the day we found out it along with a few other bikes at interbike had been stolen! http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Kelly-Mcgarry-Corsair-stolen-2010.html
SO if you see it around get in touch .
And to whoever pinched it F**k you.

Lucky I have my other bike with me , next stop Red Bull Rampage. BRING IT.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Bull Rampage.

This sh*t makes my hair stand on end! whooooa yeah this year is gonna be GNARLY I am heading to Vegas on wednesday  and then onto Virgin Utah to compete in this years Red Bull Rampage .
If you scout around on the net http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/Rampage-6-The-Oakley-Sender,1592/Slideshow,11224/sspomer,2 you can find some of the stuff they have in the course this year.
Check it out

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hey Brahs!
Check out the Vid the crew over at UNIT http://www.unitriders.com/australia/ put together from a few spots back in New Zealand .
  Thanks  to Peit and Toby  and also Luke Mccombie for filming and giving up their time and thanks to all the people behind all the KICK ASS riding spots , The FREWS , the CHCH crew , Greenwood and his army. SEB K and any one else with a shovel and an imagination. Thanks mates you guys make NZ such a sick place to ride.
Cheer Cheer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

crankworx slopestyle video

Check out this slope style video from crankworx 2010 with possibly the WORST soundtrack known to man.

Float Plane drop

Hey team
Me ,Sha and my little bro went to  Gunn lake in the Chillcoatain mountains to do a float plane drop on the weekend , Its a 15 min plane ride and then a 26km mostly downhill ride from spruce lake to Gunn lake.
The dirt up there is amaaazing , no rocks and super flowwy trails . get up there!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alaska DONE.

SUp brahs
I'm Back from my trip to Alaska, looking back it was a great trip , I was there for 10 days . we Scoped/built/rode/filmed and shot every day , we stayed in a camping ground close to the riding zone , i stayed in a old school military tent and the rest of the crew stayed in various vehicles or trailer on our site.
On the way back to the airport we got lucky and we sow the northern lights firing on all cylinders! it was so amazing , I allways thought that it was a band of light in the sky but I was stoked to find the whole sky swirling/moving and spinning .I thought the frickin ALIENS were coming! freaky shizzle!
Alsaka is an amazing place A BIG Thanks to Gravity for sending us down there!!