Monday, April 21, 2008


I moved from Queenstown NZ to Whistler, Canada in April ’08 to land in the freezing cold with snow still lying on the ground. I wasn’t impressed with the snow so I jetted off to Cali-for-ni-yay for the Atomlab Holla for Ya Dollar Jam in San Diego. Mike Flaherty from Atomlab picked me up from the airport and looked after me the whole weekend.

First day was spent at Clairmont Skate Park riding with the likes of Jo Perizo and JD Swuangen. Riding my mountain bike on a skate park was a fairly new thing for me but once I got the hang of it it was good times. The event itself was super fun and chill and Mike basically gave the riders cash if you did a good trick or line.

The second day was at Legacy Dirt Jumps, the dirt jumps were in a super cool location – carved into the side of a canyon and the heat was ridiculous. We got down to business and everyone was killing it, there were about twenty riders including one girl representing! I was stoked to 360 the first big left-hand hip and kick out some big no foot cans.

The third day was at the famous Home Avenue ditch – a drainage ditch where we rode street. The street heads were killing it on their turf and it was wicked to watch and shred with them. All in all it was a rad weekend but sadly I had to jump on a plane and go back to the knee deep snow.

Kelly McGarry.

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