Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Joy Ride!

Yo Bros
Well Crankworx 2011 and Red Bull Joyride has come to an end and all in all it was a wild time! Crankworx was nice enough to put Myself and 15year old ripper Anthony Massere up in the Hilton in Whistler which was sweeeeet! we got up to plenty of no good hangin out there for 7 nights !hahhaha 
flip tabz.
Crankworx was hectic..bigger than I have ever seen it before.. I get so syked catchin up with every body and seeing all the radical riding go down over the week
The Joy Ride Course was constructed by a different team this year (Patty K and crew) and it came out a fair bit different than previous years.
The course was more snowboard style this year with hips and spine landings all over the show which made for some awsome tech riding
The only thing I could say about the Course was WAY TOO MUCH SPEED FOR EVERY THING!!!
yep had to brake super hard for every jump on the course to avoid missing the landing ramp completely!!
This proved to be challenging sometimes with a few riders getting knocked out of the comp early due to over shooting the landings of the jumps!
I was lucky enough to be pre qualified for the 16man final thanks to my 5th place finish last year , So when saturday rolled around It was go time for mcgazza!
I showed up for the 2 hour Pracco session and sran into trouble 2nd run in when I was contemplating spining off the first drop I went way to slow settin up and cased hard bending my forks!!! I raced down to see the good blokes at Marzocchi and they hooked my ass up with another set of forks! Cheers Mates!
Then it was back into pracco ..I spun the first drop ..landed and my deraileur went into my spokes!! it doesnt pours!hahha
Thanks to Porter and Brian from Gravity we got my bike up and running for the final..
I was dropping 3rd to last so I watched some frickin insane go down infront of me with a masssssssive crowd cheering everyone on!! SO rad
Finaly my run came around ...I was pretty dam nervous (as Usual!!) I dropped in and stomped my 360 down the 1rst drop and sent it down the course feeling good...I came into the second jump a 35ft left hip ,I braked to what I thought was about the right speed to flip table it...I lofted it and it was working out well but I just tagged the landing when I came around  and went down in a ball of dust and rocks, DAM !! too much brake!
My shoulder hurt and I knew I had broken my collar bone. Bummed as I had nailed the trick a bunch of times in practice.
I sat back in a pile of broken bones and watched the rest of the madness go down ! What an insane comp! I am so stoked on Slopestyle!! its the Gnarlyest sport! and so exciting to watch!!!
Im sure you guys checked out the action! incase you diddnt check this sheeeeezy!
Anyways Thats about it from my end.... Now im set up on the couch for the next month healing up ...It sucks but its all part of the game right.
At least I have some good mates to hang with while Im down and out! Cheers Guys!

at least I have a good crew to chill with!!! hahahahha still havin fun!
Hooksy,Maya and Mcgazz Up to no good!
table over whistler

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red Bull Joyride course GOPRO

Here is a quick run thru on the Red bull Joyride course from my gopro camera

Friday, July 22, 2011

sorry for lack of posts!!!
I have been busy as hell...traveling around
Check out the rock climb up a water fall to paraglide down we did just before I left rad!
Thanks to Matt for making me go and doing some radical wing overs on the way down GEE FORCE!!!
I love traveling and having cool experiences like this as well shredding BIKES


Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Chatel vids

3.16 mcgazza clips

Chatel Mountain Style 2011. The Finals from OBSESS MEDIA on Vimeo.

Chatel video

Ch√Ętel Mountain Style 2011 - Official video from FASTFOKUS on Vimeo.

Check this vid from Chatel Mountain can see my ugly mug in there a few times and also riding in a blue jacket

8th place in Chatel Mountain Style comp

veiw from our Chalet....Life could be worse!!!
  Yo peeps!
Im over here in Europe right is good , Im hanging in switzerland at the moment but I just spent the weekend in France at the Chatel Mountainstyle competition.
My good  mate Ramon , his brother Jerome and myself cruised to the event together in the Huck bus loaded with a bunch of bikes and bike riding apperatus and not much organisation .
We rolled into Chatel on thursday and cut a few laps on the sweet trails on the mountain and then checked out the course ..

It was pretty burly ...Big drops and jumps and Cheese grater man eating rocky landings, It was pretty obvieous that crashing wasn't gonna be that fun!

look how far away from the lip I am and STILL UPSIDE DOWN!!!

Friday was offical pracco , the wather turned out bloody good and I MANed up and hit all of the stuff I needed to hit in my line

It was pretty burly ...Big drops and jumps and Cheese grater man eating rocky landings, It was pretty obvieous that crashing wasn't gonna be that fun!

this road gap was so frickin FUN ...float that shizzz

Friday was offical pracco , the Weather turned out bloody good Ramon and I MANed up and hit all of the stuff we needed to hit in our lines..Stoked!

Saturday we had a seeding run to see where every one was at ,  I qualifyed 9th and Ramon 12th  and we were set for sundays big comp.

Sunday turned out perfect weather  once again , every one was pumped as last year it was a rain storm! ....

Ramon Hunziker.... what time is it??....STEEZ-O'CLOCK!

last jump was about 55ft

We kicked off at 11am with our first run..I was having a sweet run but washed out on a FRICKIN BERM ...I was so pissed ! of all the crazey shit on the course I had to crash on a berm ahahah... any ways I had to stick it on my second run or I was gonna finish last! , Luckily i had a sweet second run and punished the course! There was a pretty lofty road gap which i fliped ..Scary as hell as it came around really slow and if it diddnt work out I would have HISTORY!  anyways the run was pretty decent I wound up in 8th place overall. Im pretty pumped on that and also happy to be un injured (aside from my destroyed elbow) heading into Crankworx whistler in a few weeks!
Ramon was slaying the course , He ended up 12th after hangin it looose through the midlle section and Naccing down the road gap ..att-er BOY! BOOM!
We had a massivly rad weekend Huckin the course , ripping Chatel trails and causing trouble in the evenings! hahaha.
Cheeers the the Chatel crew for having us and putting on a kick ass event!!

The swiss army has started a new Mountain bike religion called
"Saian" (to be shouted loudly) the religion endorses going big
on your bike, drinkin beer, listening to metal and generally
being a dirt bag! hahahahaaaa ....we had some good laughs
over the weekend! Should I do it??? SIAIN says YES!!!!!!!!

I flipped this road gap in my run came around reeeeal slow!!
for about a milli second I thought I was gonna die...worked out good tho

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sloooo mo!!!

Check out this slow motion shizzzzzle!!!!
reall y cool video from highlands !