Friday, January 28, 2011

crash and burn

 Life has been all good here in Nelson New Zealand for the last month Plenty of riding ,sunshine and barbies !
Im writing this email from my new hang out spot -THE COUCH , yep I broke my collar bone a couple of days ago so I am out for a few weeks.
Basically it went like this:
I built this kicker on my mates moto track , I turned a step up for motos into about a 50ft step down for me on my DH bike. My mate Piet was up filming my section for his next vid and also a french photographer came up so I figured it was time to give the jump I built a whirl , the first time i hit it I just pedaled in as fast as I possibly could , sent it and just tagged my back wheel ,which was fine and I rode away. knowing that I couldnt get any more speed what so ever pedaling , I came back the next day FIRED up and got my mate to tow me in on his moto. Not wanting to come up short I held on for quite a bit and ended up over shooting by about 10 feet , slid out and landed on my shoulder  and that was that!
I was pretty bummed ,but I guess its all part of the game...some times it just  turns bit pear shaped aye!
Luckily My collar bone isnt broken all the way thru ,just cracked half way ,so i hope to be back on the bike  in 3or 4 weeks before my next big event the UNIT FARM JAM 2011!

Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Farm Jam.

Its Farm Jam time again!
This year is going to be a whopper!

 The good chaps at UNIT clothing are coming to the party big time!
Its gonna be off the CHIZain  for sure . make sure you are heading south feb 26.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

NZ bizzo

Mortobutt 720!!!
 With the lack of dirt jumps in Nelson me and the boys felt
 it would only be right to build a mega huck ramp.

Wells .
here are a couple of pics from a session we had the other day
Cam Thelin boooooostin!

Ride On Cables

some Kick ass RIDE ON Gore cables just showed up in the post  from the good OL USA , these cables are the sheezy! chuckem on your bike and forget about them, they have a low friction coating on the cable and a dust boot at the bottom which keeps em running hella smooth with very little maintenance needed .yeeehaaa